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The Pastor's Study

The Pastor's Study program was designed to maintain all his sermons
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15 February 2011

Editor's review

The Pastor`s Study 6.6 helps a pastor organize his daily work and document all his sermons. You just need to enter the message title and the primary Biblical reference. Unlimited Biblical references can be added further. Now Bible text from Bible Study program is pasted into Pastor’s Study program. You can use query generator to view specific criteria for sermons.

The library section stores all your books and research material. You can also print a report of all the books for insurance purpose. Dewey decimal system is used to organize every resource. The library record and the sermon share unlimited subject definitions. Thus a user can view all the book titles having the same subject. You are also allowed to change the search field and sort order column-wise.

The Pastor`s Study is a multi-user program that can be installed on a network. It’s a productivity tool with an intuitive interface and a Help menu which serves as owner’s manual.

Publisher's description

The Pastor's Study is a productivity tool to help a pastor organize his daily tasks. Document all his sermons. Enter the message title and the primary Biblical reference. Add unlimited additional Biblical references. Copy the Bible text from a Bible Study program and paste it into the Pastor's Study program. All Bible references have a field for the translation used. Maintain a list of all the churches the sermon has been preached. Use the query generator to view specific criteria for your sermons. The library section can have all your valuable books and other types of research material. Enter unlimited numbers of subjects which are cross referenced with your sermons. Print a report of all your books for insurance purposes. Organize every resource using the Dewey decimal system. Connect to the Library of Congress to automatically enter a books data using the ISBN, The sermon and library data records share unlimited subject definitions. This allows the user to see all the book titles he has having the same subject as a message. To make the program complete you can maintain contacts with optional bulk email, illustrations, counseling notes, a visitation diary, and prayer list, daily journal, personal goal setting, and expense tracking and reporting. Counseling notes, expenses and daily journal are password protected. This program can be installed on a network and is multi-user enabled. Most of the list boxes allow the user to change the sort order and search field by column. Each column of the list box can be hidden if it is not frequently used. ‘The interface is clean, simple and very intuitive. The "Help" menu can also serve as a owner's manual", just in case you need it', says Terry Wilhite in a review of The Pastor's Study which was published in Pulpit Helps and Christian Computing magazines.
The Pastor's Study
The Pastor's Study
Version 8.0
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